Norris Blog 4It was our last session at St Andrews school on Friday and I was feeling really excited and happy as I had enjoyed the sessions with the children and their grown-ups. I felt very welcome in their school and they were so kind and friendly. I also felt a little bit sad because it was our last time with the group and I will miss them. Violet and Tulip told me that they were feeling sad too.

We talked with each other about feeling sad and reminded each other of the things we might do when we feel sad, worried or grumpy. We all have our favourite things to do when we get our “uh-oh” feelings and sometimes we find someone on our network to talk with. I find it’s really helpful to talk with someone I trust, things seem so much better and then I feel so much better too!

The time went quickly and soon it was time to say “cheerio” to the children and I enjoyed giving them a hug goodbye. I hope that we can come back to this school again and meet some of the other children with their grown up. To cheer me up, Sue promised to take me on some adventures over the summer!

If you have enjoyed reading my blog about the group, perhaps you will keep reading to find out what I get up to over the summer?