Welcome to our Summer 2023 Newsletter!

We hope this newsletter finds you well. In this newsletter we acknowledge the sad passing of Di Margetts, we celebrate and welcome Niki Lewarne as a new trainer, our successful award of Targeted Parenting fund, more PB training courses and dates of network meetings.

In memory of Di Margetts 

Di Margetts who brought PBs to the UK in the 90’s sadly passed away on 28th April in Australia. I was fortunate to have been trained by Di in 1998 in Northamptonshire. If like me you met her, or were trained by her, I imagine you too will have been inspired by her marvellous free spirit, energy and passion for the Protective Behaviours process. I remember well my first day of training with her and knowing that what I was learning was so practical and yet so profound. Back then I had no idea of the extent it would affect my personal and professional life. It has proved to be such a wonderful process that can help people know about their right to feel safe and gain skills and strategies to use themselves and with others. Di’s ability to engage and inspire was unique with many a humorous tale from those who trained with her! Inspired, it led me to set up PB training courses and have a vision to get PBs across Hertfordshire and beyond. It was Di that encouraged me to become a trainer. I invited Di to come to Hertfordshire, to train my colleagues and professional networks to start with including my children’s headteacher. People came and courses filled, and both my own and other peoples Protective Behaviours journey began with quite a groundswell which continues to this day. Many people’s lives have been changed by meeting Di and by learning about PBs. I often wonder, if only Peg Flandreau West who originated the PBs process in America knew the legacy she has left, and Di, globally and in the UK will know this too. I feel as passionate and determined now after 25 years since being trained by Di, that Protective Behaviours will continue to reach as many people as possible and I encourage everyone to be part of that legacy. A very heartfelt thank you Di and R.I.P x

Welcoming Niki Lewarne – New trainer! 

Niki has worked and trained with us since 2019 facilitating the delivery our Families Feeling Safe Programmes and developing her skills as a trainer and we’re delighted she is now providing Level 1 training. Niki brings a wealth of experience as a PBs practitioner, school counsellor, psychotherapist, wellness coach, licensed Thrive practitioner and mindfulness teacher. So proud that Niki is part of our wonderfully dedicated team who work enthusiastically with integrity and a passion for PBs with backgrounds in health, social work, family support and therapeutic approaches.

Free PB courses for parents and Carers

Our bid for further targeted parenting fund has been successful providing for 16 courses for mums, dads and carers in 2023-2024. Three of these courses (1 per term) will be exclusively for Dads and male carers. We currently have four courses running this term and six more will start at the end of September and beginning of October. There is no cost for parents to attend but parents and/or their children do need to live in Hertfordshire due to their funding by Herts County Council. Online courses are open to all families across Herts and there will be a course in Stevenage and Broxbourne. For a list of all course dates, times and venues, please click here. 

To refer a parent, please click here for our registration form…

For all enquiries and for sending parent registration forms please use enquiries@familiesfeelingsafe.co.uk

What’s coming up 

Training Dates

Protective Behaviours training courses

Online Level 1

Online Level 2 training

Families Feeling Safe – A Protective Behaviours programme for Mums, Dads & CarersOpen Access Facilitator training course (completion of Level 2 is required):

PBs Network meetings (no charge)

These provide opportunities for CDP, support, ideas sharing and reviewing elements of PBs. This Network meeting is open to anyone trained in PBs

Network meeting for Registered Facilitators of our evidence based Families Feeling Safe Protective Behaviours programme for Mums, Dads & Carers:

Your news

If you have any PBs news, images or examples of how you are using PBs we’d love to hear from you and feature this on our website or newsletter (with your permission).

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