Managing strong feelings workshop

Who is this workshop for?

  • For parents and carers of primary and secondary age children.

This is an interactive and informative workshop to help understand and manage strong feelings, consider what may be influencing behaviour and how feelings, thoughts and behaviour are linked.

Our 2-2.5 hour long workshop enables mums, dads and carers to build self-esteem and confidence, improve their well-being and learn strategies and ideas to keep themselves feeling safe. By recognising and trusting their feelings and expressing them in responsible ways, families can develop problem-solving skills relevant to a range of situations, enhancing relationships and communication.

The purpose of the workshop is to help children manage strong feelings, enable adults to helpfully respond to children with strong feelings and help children to develop the ability to think before acting.

 The outcomes of the workshop are to:

  • Enable participants to be aware of the link between feelings, thoughts and behaviour
  • Draw attention to the importance of understanding the context of a child’s behaviour
  • Share some ideas for understanding the behaviour of the child both in the long and short terms.

 What parents and carers are saying about this workshop:

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