Facilitator Training Course

Families Feeling Safe, Protective Behaviours programme for mums, dads and carers

About the course

The Families Feeling Safe Facilitator Training Course is a 2 day course for people who have completed both Protective Behaviours Level 1 (Foundation) and Level 2 (Intermediate) Training Courses. This  course provides professional development and enables people to feel more competent as practitioners by deepening their understanding of the Protective Behaviours process in relation to parenting.

Who is it for? 

Applicants need to:

  • have completed both Protective Behaviours Level 1 (Foundation) and  Level 2 (Intermediate) Training courses and will be in a position to provide the relevant course numbers and dates of completion
  • meet their local authority guidelines for parenting practitioners, or be working towards them
  • be using Protective Behaviours as a practitioner in a structured/focused way
  • have experience of running groups for mums, dads and carers

 Learning outcomes 

It is expected that, by the end of the course, practitioners will:

  1. Have a deeper knowledge and understanding of how the Protective Behaviours Process can be applied to working with mums, dads and carers.
  2. Have the ability to make links between the various sessions of the programme.
  3. Have an increased ability to role model Protective Behaviours when working with mums, dads and carers.
  4. Have experience of delivering a part of the Families Feeling Safe programme.
  5. Have an increased awareness of the resources that will support the delivery of the Families Feeling Safe programme.
  6. Have developed skills as a reflective practitioner.


  • Joining a network of Families Feeling Safe practitioners and participating in practice supervision.
  • Participating in the Continual Professional Development activities of Families Feeling Safe Protective Behaviours Service.
  • Becoming a Families Feeling Safe Endorsed Trainer.

Comments from previous course participants 

  • Excellent course, great for everyone
  • Very inclusive, open to suggestions, lots of learning!!
  • Invaluable learning personally and professionally
  • Fiona and Dave are both excellent advocates of PBs and brilliant role models – my aspiration for the future!

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