Communication workshop

Who is this workshop for?

  •  For parents and carers of primary and secondary age children.

This 2-2.5 hour interactive workshop can help raise awareness of the importance of language, how we communicate and the effect on ourselves and others. It will provide some practical ideas for using at home that can enhance family relationships and encourage children to talk about their feelings.

The purpose of the workshop is to:

• Explore helpful and unhelpful ways of communicating

• Gain practical skills to enable effective communication

• Consider the effect of active listening on thoughts, feelings and behavior.

The outcomes of the workshop are to:

• Have acquired effective communication skills

• Have gained a greater understanding of the importance of helpful communication

• Be able to put what they have learned into practice at home

• Gain an awareness of the effect of our language on ourselves and others

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Communications Workshop

Nice to be given a reminder of how to communicate effectively with my child as I have slipped into old communication methods