My Feelings Matter workshop

workshopWho is this workshop for?

  • For parents and carers of primary age children and can also be adapted for parents with teenagers.

This 2-2.5 hour interactive workshop explores a range of emotions and physical feelings including early warning signs and how they are linked to thoughts and behaviour. We look at a story and how this can help parents talk with children about feelings and who they could talk with.

This workshop:

  • Introduces the link between feelings, thoughts and behaviours
  • Shows you how to recognise and understand feelings and Early Warning Signs
  • Explores feelings and how to deal with them using our networks.

The outcomes of the workshop will show you how to:

  • Recognise feelings
  • Have awareness of Early Warning Signs
  • Recognise the links between feelings, thoughts and behaviours.

What parents and carers are saying about this workshop:

The most significant thing I learned is to understand situations and I have the right to feel safe like the rest of my family/friends. I thought it was a well delivered course by 2 brilliant tutors who were calm, clear and supportive. Absolutely brilliant course and it’s made me aware that you can never stop learning about different strategies.

My Feelings Matter workshop attendee
My Feelings Matter workshop


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