About Us

Families Feeling Safe was launched in 2014 by co-directors Fiona Benjamin and Dave Austin who first met during a Protective Behaviours training course in 1998.

As a result of Fiona and Dave’s passion for Protective Behaviours the organisation they founded has now produced a unique range of courses, workshops and training programs specifically designed to help families – and individuals – by providing them with the skills and ability to build on their strengths and facilitate change.

Our results show that it’s never too late for people to learn these important skills.

The Families Feeling Safe team promotes openness and confidence as core values.

The Families Feeling Safe Organisation is structured as a ‘not for profit’ company and also provides training courses and tools for professionals to help promote  a wider understanding of Protective Behaviours and how the process can benefit both children, individuals and entire families.

Protective Behaviours has been shown to be truly life changing – for the better.

Who the Families Feeling Safe Organisation

Works With

Families Feeling Safe works in partnership with:

  • Local authorities
  • Schools and academies
  • Charities
  • Children’s centres
  • Parents and carers
  • Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services

By using our early intervention approach, the need for more expensive, specialised services can be significantly reduced, meaning resources – both human and budgetry – can be used more effectively.

The Families Feeling Safe team is there to offer professional support and help promote openness and confidence at all levels.

Our work is tried and tested

The Allen Review (2011) identified social and emotional skills as a critical issue in shaping children and young people’s wellbeing and The Early Intervention Foundation (2015) shows that early intervention can…

  • Improves school attendance
  • Helps parenting skills
  • Builds healthy relationships
  • Improves mental health and ensure everyone feels safe

    See more about Protective Behaviours here

What is Protective Behaviours?

The ‘Protective Behaviours’ process originated in the 1970’s in America when a number of children told Peg West, a school social worker, that they didn’t feel safe. The process was developed and refined over the following years into what we know today as Protective Behaviours (PBs).

“Protective Behaviours provides a strong framework for personal safety, self-esteem, resilience and confidence building.”

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Who benefits from Protective Behaviours?

It can be used by anyone, irrespective of their ability, race, gender, sexual orientation, profession, age, physical or mental abilities including:

  • Mental health teams, domestic abuse services and police – Abuse prevention and crisis intervention
  • Family intervention Teams – Providing parent support
  • Families – Better relationships and communication
  • Schools – Improved learning outcomes and bullying prevention
  • Children’s centres – Helping children get the best start in life
  • Residential care and short-break services 

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