Protective Behaviours Level 2

Who is this training for?

This course is suitable for a range of organisations, teams and individuals who have been trained at Level 1 (Foundation) and are using Protective Behaviours, including schools, social care, family support, children’s centres, domestic violence services and more.

A 3-day course delivered over 3 consecutive days, this provides professional development and progression onto other Protective Behaviours courses and enables people to feel more competent as practitioners by deepening their understanding of the Protective Behaviours Process.

Applicants will need to:

  • Have completed a Protective Behaviours Level 1 (Foundation) training course and provide the relevant course number and date of completion
  • Be using Protective Behaviours as a practitioner in a structured/focused way
  • Ideally have begun networking with the local Protective Behaviours network
  • Ideally be in a position to promote Protective Behaviours work and practice with the support of managers

The outcomes of the training are to:

  • Have a deeper knowledge and understanding of the Protective Behaviours Process, in particular how each part of the process interlinks to form a framework of concepts and strategies
  • Have a broader range of skills for implementing the process more effectively, including developing language and behaviour consistent with Protective Behaviours
  • Have increased their confidence and competence in the application of the Process to a variety of situation

After completion of the Level 2 course…

Completion of the Level 2 (Intermediate) course enables further progression to facilitate other Families Feeling Safe programmes including:

  • Families Feeling Safe – a 9 week evidence based Protective Behaviours programme for mums, dads and carers.
  • 4 My Family and Me – A PBs Feeling Safe ‘toolkit’ for mums, dads and carers – 4 sessions covering key PBs elements as an introduction to PBs for parents and carers or as a refresher for parents and carers who have previously attended the 9-week programme.
  • Morris and his friends talk about feelings – a 4 session parent and child programme for children aged 5-8 years with their parent or carer

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The facilitators were wonderful, clear and to the point, amazing. I will use it everyday to help children overcome their barriers to learning

Primary Outreach Worker, Education Support Centre