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1. I feel safe when….

This is a simple template to encourage someone to think about the kind of things that can help them feel calm, relaxed and safe. For parents and children this can be a fun activity to guess some things about each other.

2. My imaginary safe place

Creating an imaginary safe or special place can help to think of what it might feel like there. Thinking about the imaginary safe place can also be a useful strategy to help feel calmer and be able to think about what they need to do.

3.Theme 1 My Early Warning Signs

A template showing the kind of physical feelings someone might have when they start to feel scared or uncomfortable. We call them Early Warning Signs and some people know them as gut feelings or Oh Oh feelings. We might get them when we are doing something fun, scary and adventurous and also when it isn’t fun like going to the dentist or an interview. They usually go away and if they don’t, or someone isn’t choosing what’s happening nor feels in control, they may need to talk with someone.

4.Theme 2 – Building a Safe Network

A practical way to help think about who someone could talk with. It’s important to know how to contact the people on their network.

5. Making safe choices

This activity could help someone practice or develop problem-solving skills by noticing their feelings, thinking about their options and choosing what to do. One option might be to ask for help and to talk with someone on their network.

6. What if cards – using One Step Removed

The cards can be printed off and laminated – The cards can be used for discussion about a range of situations and what someone could do to keep themselves feeling safe. You can pick and choose which of them you want to use or you can use the blank one to make up your own. This can make a fun car game too!

7. Protective Behaviours Christmas Baubles

Protective Behaviours Themes on Baubles! These can be used to decorate your Christmas tree or make bunting!  There are red and green baubles ready to print off and laminate. There is also a baubles template that can be decorated and laminated too! We’d love to see photos of them being used!

Red Baubles Download

Green Baubles Download

Blank Baubles Download

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