About our training & courses

About our training

Whether you are a professional wishing to attend Protective Behaviours training for the first time, keen to progress your skills as a Protective Behaviours practitioner or become a facilitator of a course for families there are various options. We have a highly experienced team of trainers and all courses are evaluated showing a 99% satisfaction rate and consistently good feedback.

  • Level 1: Training to understand what Protective Behaviours is and explore ways to apply it
  • Level 2: To deepen and broaden understanding and increase confidence and skills using Protective Behaviours.

With Level 2 completed you can gain further professional development and access further courses so that you can facilitate a course within your own setting for parents and carers and/or workshops with parents and children together:

  • Facilitator training: to be able to run the evidence-based Families Feeling Safe programme – Protective Behaviours for mums, dads & carers. This is a 2 Day course and you will receive your own Facilitator Manual.
  • Facilitator training: to be able to run the Morris and his friends talk about feelings workshops. This is a 1 Day course and you will receive your own facilitator guidance.

We will support you after the training by keeping in touch and providing termly network meetings.

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Would you like to commission your own training?

Training for schools can be commissioned as an Inset day, a fantastic way to begin developing a whole school approach. Training can be commissioned by organisations to train their teams ‘in-house’ providing a consistent approach used by everyone. We can deliver Level 1, Level 2 or Facilitator training and bespoke workshops for staff.

Commissioning workshops and courses for parents, carers or children

Are you a school or service who would like a workshop or course delivered to children, parents or carers within your school or organisation? If so, please email enquiries@familiesfeelingsafe.co.uk to discuss specific training, workshops or courses for your schools or organisation.

About our workshops and courses for parents, carers and children

We are proud to have a highly knowledgeable, skilled and experienced team of facilitators who provide our courses and workshops with integrity, written with you in mind. In fact, many parents have helped to shape the content of the courses. Parents and carers give us honest feedback and a high rating of satisfaction and we love to hear about the changes that families have made by attending our workshops and courses.

Our support to parents and carers

We appreciate many parents and carers may feel highly anxious or resistant before attending a course. Our facilitators are highly skilled at communicating with parents and will help you to overcome any barriers. We promise to always:

  • Ensure all parents have an understanding of what the course is about and the expectations of attendance
  • Value parents’ privacy and not expect them to talk about personal issues unless they choose to nor tell them what to do
  • Involve all parents in creating a Group Agreement to create clarity and a safe environment for all at the beginning of the course
  • Follow up any concerns raised both within and between sessions

You will also receive:

  • Families Feeling Safe Participant Workbook – written by Fiona Benjamin & Dave Austin, which is available to all parents who attend the Families Feeling Safe programme.
  • A folder with your child’s artwork and session notes or all parents and children attending the Morris workshops

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Are you a school or service who would like a workshop or course delivered to children, parents or carers within your school or organisation? If so, please email enquiries@familiesfeelingsafe.co.uk

Upcoming Training & Courses

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I have a renewed passion for Protective Behaviours. I’ve used it in my professional work but recognise through this group I can use it more at home within my own family.

Protective Behaviours Training attendee

Outreach worker, Children’s Centre Facilitator Training

I feel Protective Behaviours is the pinnacle of our work, which helps reshape our service on every level with the families we work with because our families can relate to it on an everyday basis.

Outreach worker, Children’s Centre Facilitator Training attendee

Family Intervention worker

Lots of good ideas and discussions, lots of activities and time to process ideas. Good pace and supportive. Lots of knowledge and experience shared by the facilitator. I will use it with everyone, especially with young people

Family Intervention worker

Facilitator Training Course

Thank you! I’ve thoroughly enjoyed the learning and discussions. Thank you to the facilitators, it’s been a pleasure to meet you all. Very supportive.

Facilitator Training Course attendee

Communication Workshop

Before I attended It was like walking on egg shells with my daughter’s anger and frustration. Now, it’s harmony and effective communication

Communication Workshop attendee

Managing strong feelings workshop

I thoroughly enjoyed it and found it all useful and practical. I’ve told others how positive the course has been and how much more confident I feel in myself and my ability to parent. It’s given me practical strategies to try out with my children and I’ve had such a positive outcome from discussing feelings with them.

Managing strong feelings workshop attendee

Morris the Bear

It’s been particularly useful thinking the way I am when the children misbehave and my approach to discipline. It’s helped me feel more laid-back and I investigate the problem more. I found it was very good and lovely to spend time as a family doing activities.

Parent who attended Morris

Parent who attended Morris

It was particularly useful breaking down Teddy’s feelings (Morris) into simple terms to help my son understand. It will help me to use different language when discussing how they are feeling. Also, reminding me that I need to let them know how I am feeling. My son particularly enjoyed the one to one with me.

Parent who attended Morris


There are a variety of books, videos and curriculum material available for all age and ability groups.

In addition, there are materials published by Families Feeling Safe Ltd for parents to use for themselves and with their children. Please see our Resources page here.