Complaints Policy

We are committed to excellent customer service. We regard complaints as an opportunity to turn an unhelpful experience for a service user into a helpful one, as well as an opportunity to learn and to improve.

The purpose of our complaints handling procedures is to ensure that we:

  •  listen and are responsive to people who raise an issue
  • respond swiftly and at a level close to the point of service delivery
  • are fair and consistent
  • offer solutions and/or explanations
  • offer complainants recourse to someone more senior/more independent if they wish
  • respect confidentiality
  • record complaints consistently, and monitor what is recorded

 use complaints positively as an opportunity for learning and improvement.

In making a complaint we believe most people want:

  • to be listened to;
  • to have the problem accepted as important;
  • to be offered a solution or explanation;
  • to have their distress acknowledged and
  • to be assured the same thing will not happen again.

It is therefore essential that people raising a complaint are involved in discussing their concerns and in finding solutions.

Please note that any work carried out for a local authority will follow its policies and guidance.

If you have a complaint, please contact:

Families Feeling Safe Ltd E-mail:

Tel: 01462 700021