Norris 3On Friday I was feeling grumpy, grumpy, grumpy. I’m not really sure why, sometimes I just wake up like that and I felt hot and bothered. The children felt concerned about me and it was comforting to know that they care about me. I think they are a lovely group of children.

It’s helped me to know that feelings are ok and sometimes they can feel uncomfortable like grumpiness, sadness or worry. Sue explained that we often notice feelings in our bodies- our “early warning signs” or “uh-oh” feelings. It was great to hear the children talking with their grown up about what they notice in their own body when they are not feeling safe.

The children did some brilliant art work. Wow! And this group are really creative at making things too. It really cheered me up and I felt much, much better by the time the children were ready to go back to their classrooms, especially when one of the children gave me a lovely hug! I felt happy in my car seat when heading home with Sue. I am looking forward to the last session but feel a bit sad that I won’t see the children and their grown up again after next Friday.