Norris’s Blog (2)

IMG_0480I was at St Andrews School again on Friday with Tulip, Violet, Sue and Sally. It was a lovely sunny day and I was looking forward to having a day out. When we arrived at the school though, I got my “uh-oh” feelings and was feeling suddenly quite nervous about coming out of my sleeping bag. Although I wasn’t feeling very confident, I decided that I did want to meet the children and their grown up and so I came out slowly . . .

I peered out from behind the Safety Tree and had a good sniff. All the children were behaving so nicely and were so gentle and kind and I soon felt much better. I decided to come out and sit on my blanket and I felt safe there, especially when my friends Tulip and Violet came and sat next to me.

There was some lovely art work again and the children said that they had enjoyed meeting me and my friends again. I was quite tired by home time but I’m glad that I did come out of my sleeping bag, I would have missed out on so much fun if I had decided not to come out and see the children again.