IMG_0616This week I am writing about my little holiday in Suffolk. I have been working very hard with my friends at Families Feeling Safe, developing the programme for children and their parent or carer and I decided on a few days away by the sea. I was a bit nervous about going to a new place. I like my soft bed and comforts of home- the familiar smells and food, the same people coming and going. Just before we set off, I felt very unsure and worried about going and so, I decided to talk with one of my network people. Sally listened to my worries and said that she sometimes feels nervous about new places, so I knew I wasn’t the only one who can feel worried. She asked me what would help me to feel better about going and I decided to take my squeezy yellow ball and my own sleeping bag which smells of home. When we had talked I felt much better and was excited about our holiday.

We stayed in a little cottage. You can see a photograph of me in the bath tub with my shower cap on. It was really cosy in the cottage although the weather was not what we’d hoped for. I felt disappointed because I didn’t get to paddle in the sea- it was too cold and the sea was choppy. I did enjoy a walk along the beach and the sea air was very refreshing! I was hungry when we got home and I tucked into some honey.IMG_0617

After a long sleep (it must have been the sea air!) we set off for a boat trip. It was great fun although I must admit I was a bit anxious at the start because last time I went on a boat I felt sick. Sally assured me that the river was calm and that if I did feel unwell we could stop. I wanted to go on the boat because everyone said that its good fun and the views from the river are worth seeing. I am so glad that I did go on the boat- I wasn’t sick and I even had a go at driving! Sometimes it’s fun to feel a little bit scared!

I’m home again now but I am eagerly awaiting my next adventure . . .