Morris Facilitator Training

Who is this training for?

This 1-day training course is for people working with children and parents or carers. Applicants will need to have completed Protective Behaviours (PBs) Level 1 (Foundation) and Level 2 (Intermediate) training in order to apply for this.

Morris and his friends talk about feelings is a series of 4 workshops for parents and children aged 5-8 years. This is PBs based intervention for children and their parent or carer which can be run in schools and other settings.

The workshops are based upon the Protective Behaviours process and can be a fun way for parents to help their children talk about and manage their feelings. Puppets and some simple art and craft activities are used in groups of up to 8 children plus their parent or carer.

The expected outcomes of the workshops for parents and carers are that:

  • They and their children learn about Protective Behaviours together.
  • They are enabled to help their children talk about, understand and manage their feelings.
  • They are enabled to help their children develop empathy for the feelings of others
  • Their children will build resilience by asking for help and by using networks of support.
  • They and their children will have quality time together.

 The outcomes of the training are to:

  • Widen knowledge of PBs in practice
  • Be able to apply Protective Behaviours principles in a creative way
  • Gain knowledge and understanding of working with children and their parents together
  • Gain skills to help parents and children to talk about, understand and manage their feelings

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    Morris Facilitator

    I’ve found it helpful explaining to my child feelings are usual and normal and seeing his realization that feelings are OK to have. As a parent it has helped me be more patient and understand that feelings are real and valid even if I cannot understand why he feels this way. I enjoyed the group, a friendly calm atmosphere