Vicky BrookerChildren’s Centres and Early Years Lead & Protective Behaviours Trainer

My professional background is in Early Year’s education and family support. I have a BA (Hons) degree in Education, and have a level three qualification in parenting. I first became aware of Protective Behaviours during my time working at a children’s Centre and in 2005 I completed my Foundation Level Training. The Protective Behaviours process underpinned all my work at the Children’s Centre, where I was working with and supporting families with complex needs. I also supported local Early Years provision in implementing Protective Behaviours within their settings.

During my time at the Children’s Centre I went on to complete the Intermediate Level training and gained accreditation to run the Families Feeling Safe programme. I have run a number of Families Feeling Safe courses and am always amazed by the response and changes made by parents whom attend the programme.

I am an accredited Protective Behaviours trainer and am passionate about the Protective Behaviours process and enjoying sharing this process with others. I have seen the benefits of using this approach in both my professional and personal life.

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